Friday, April 26, 2013

big big changes

Soo... remember that mysterious post a few weeks back? Well.... I can officially say that I am going to be a full time lead teacher in Jr. Kindergarten at Hutchison starting in the fall!! I can not tell you how excited and honored I am for this opportunity. Can't wait to meet my sweet class!!

In other news, today Zachary and I signed a lease on our first house! We will be living in midtown and we are thrilled. Z is moving in this weekend!  Did I mention two of our most favorite people in the whole world, the Zumwalts will be right up the street?! I cant wait to fill this sweet little house with all of our things and make it our very own. Here is a picture of our new place. :)

We can not explain how blessed we feel that all of these wonderful things are happening exactly when they needed to. Isn't our God so so good! He is the perfect provider. All glory and honor to Him! I hope you all have a great weekend. Happy Friday!

xoxo Allyse

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  1. OHEMMMGEEEE, I am so happy for you and Z!!! You totally deserve that job, and yay for the fist home!!! ahhhhhhhh!!!

    Can't wait to come visit :)