Wednesday, May 1, 2013

wedding invitations

Who knew invitations for a wedding took this long?... I did duhh not me. Addressing invitations, finding addresses, putting together invitations in a cute way, there is a lot. So thankful for all of the INCREDIBLE people in my life who are and have been helping me. Every little bit helps a girl out. 

Some of the ways our friends have shown us love:: Helping us find a local print shop, knowing where to order paper and envelops, addressing invitations, assembling invitations and rsvp cards, tying twine, and many many others

Here is one bit of advice I was given from a few brides and I am giving you now, when someone offers to help you with something, let them. I have always felt like I was a burden on others when I asked for help but people do love you and want to help. Thank you again to all of those people to Z and me. 

I cant wait for all of you to see the finished project. They make me so so so happy! 

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