Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sickly but productive weekend

Starting Friday: I woke up with a sore throat and coughing. No fun. After leaving work I took it easy for the rest of the night besides a quick trip to Goodwill. My trip was worth it. I found some awesome candles stick holders for cheep cheep. Score for wedding decor. I have a few pictures I am basing my ideas off of for reception tables so I will be collecting things from here on out.

Saturday: I wasn't feeling well but it was such a beautiful day Z and I got out for a little bit. Coffee date/suit shopping with the Brewers and we ordered our WEDDING INVITATIONS. Wheww.. for a sickly girl that was a short but full afternoon. We found our wedding invitations off of Etsy. I'm convinced you could find anything on Etsy. The rest of Saturday was spent in the bed mindlessly watching Parks and Rec.

Sunday: Besides a minor med turned CVS visit for meds, I have been in bed ALL day. Do not let that fool you my friends. From this bed and this laptop I started and completed most of our wedding website. Super fun and super time consuming. I also played around with some ideas for save the dates. It is crazy to think within the next couple of weeks we need to send them out.

It's sad how happy I get while making lists. But it is crazy how happy I get when I am able to cross things off of a list. Since the last time I updated you on wedding plans this was my lists of to dos and you can see what has been conquered. Lots of details have changed since that post but I will tell you more about that later. As for now have a good night!

Things left to do:
save the dates
guys suits
Zack's suit

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Teachers 2 favorite words

Snow day!
I woke up having to go into work which was a little disappointing. Then at carpool parents kept asking if we were closing early but we hadn't heard anything. And then the email came. Hallelujah  School is getting out early. Now I am home sitting by the fire with my fiance! Sounds like a perfect afternoon.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Hey! Long time no see.

Once upon a time,
 there was a girl who had a blog. She had every intention of keeping up with it until... 
the real world happened. 

My apologizes for the long absence but lots has happened lately. Let me tell you about some of it..

1. Elinor got married!

Isn't she gorgeous?! So happy for the Fews. 

2. My 3rd Thanksgiving with with the Holcombs.
We spent the day with Zack's sweet family and lots of yummy food. We even were able to Facetime with my parents in Colorado Springs. Praise Jesus for Facetime. It is crazy to think that next year Zachary and I will be married for not only thanksgiving but for every holiday every day! Ahhh so fun.

3. I finished student teaching.
My last placement was a group of ALL boy second graders and an incredible mentor teacher. So thankful for such a fun and uplifting last few months of college. 

need that again.. sure why not
Yes my friends, I am finally an alum of the University of Memphis. 
Praise Him!

5. I turned 24. Happy Birthday to me!
Zachary was working so I had dinner with the fam and then I went to see 3 of my favorite humans ever. I started nannying the Siano girls when I was 17 and still adore now.

6. Christmas.
i LOVE Christmas. This was the first time Zachary and I have spent Christmas and my birthday in the same region, state, city, and even better room! To make things even better my Mama was able to be here. Sadly my Dad had to stay in Colorado but we were able to have our Anderson Christmas before he left. Overall a very merry Christmas!
 Miss Becky and my mama

7. I found MY wedding dress at Lows
I will give you 3 clues.
It is a dress.
It isn't black. (sorry to disappoint)
And.... It is perfect!!
That is all for now. 

8. I started back at Hutchison!
I am a PreK teacher to 11 sweet sweet girls with an awesome lead teacher Nicole.
I also have been named the assistant director of the after school program SPARK.
So beyond blessed!

9. Put the deposit down on our wedding flowers!
They are going to be GORGEOUS. If you ever need flowers for an event go see Gina at Holliday Flowers. You will thank me later.
She even sent me home with this beauty! 

10. Lots and lots of other happy moments like this one.

I had fun catching up with you. We will chat soon! Soon being the key word. :)