Friday, April 26, 2013

Our First Shower

My oh my are showers fun!! The gifts are amazing but its being surrounded by some of the people you love most in the world that makes it so so special. Our first shower was thrown by Karin and Lenny Jones. When I was 17 I started nannying Karin's 3 precious girls (you would know them as my Siano girls). This family has been so welcoming, supportive, and  loving for the past 7 years. I truly consider them family. After Z and I became engaged they approached us about throwing us a couples shower and of course we were pumped! When I say it was one of my most favorite days ever I mean it. We had a ball!

 The wonderful hosts! The food was incredible!! Yum yum yumm..

Mary Beth is my youngest Siano girl. She made the best little hostess. We love you MB!

 The Holcombs!

Of course we made time to watch the grizz game. Once we realized where the men had gone we all piled on the couches and cheered them on. It was a great grizz win!

 Four of my beautiful bridesmaids!
Left to right: Jimy, Anna, Caryn, and Elinor
 We missed you Kate, Jules, and Liv.

Thank you everyone who was able to come celebrate with us and a special thank you to Karin and Lenny for taking such great care of us. Having our first shower not only made things more real but made us even more excited about our wedding day!!!! Only 64 days to go!!
xoxo Allyse

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