Wednesday, October 10, 2012

It's Wedding Season Yall

This month is a crazy busy month! Crazy busy with weddings! The first weekend of October was filled with two events. First up, my sweet friend Whitney got married!!. (You should visit her blog, she is the cutest and the funniest little thing ever) Her big day was beautiful!! When I say nothing could get this bride down, I mean NOTHING. Her gorgeous wedding took place outside at The Fontain House in downtown Memphis. If you remember it was cold and it rained last Saturday but that was not a problem, speaker issues for the ceremony were not a problem, and the lovely car alarm that went off during the ceremony.. not a problem! She didn't miss a beat and the ceremony was lovely! I hope I am as calm and put together as Whitney.  Whit I could not be happier for you and Cory! Love you!

The happy bride and groom

This is the beautiful sign they used in their get away car. Whitney gave it to me to use in my wedding! I adore it!

 Also this past weekend my best friend and soon to be bride Elinor had her last bridal shower. The lovely hostesses did a great job and everything was wonderful! El, I cant believe your big day is so soon!!

The rest of this month holds four other wedding festivities.
1.My friend Jenna is getting married this Saturday. Her ceremony will take place with just immediate family at her parents home and then we will all meet at the Peabody for her reception. It is going to be so much fun!
2.Next we have Elinor's bachelorette party and I can not wait!
3. The day after Z & I are taking our engagement pictures with Lovely Union. I cant tell you how excited I am!!
4. Then finally October 27 Elinor and Chris's wedding!!! Ahhh.. :)

Another incredibly happy moment this month was when another of my best friends, Katie had her first baby. His name is Canaan and he couldnt be more perfect. He was born on October 3rd. Katie and Josh are two amazing people and they are now two amazing parents. Canaan we are SO happy you are here!

So many wonderful things happening! I couldn't be happier and more honored to be involved in all of the festivities. Love you friends! Happy Wednesday.

xoxo Allyse

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  1. So, low and behold, I thought I saw something awhile back on facebook about a blog post on a new blog you set up...I find it, spend time catching up on reading it, and come across this lovely little post that brought tears to my eyes!! Allyse, I cannot tell you enough of how much I love having you in my life. :) Trust me on this, on your wedding day you will find a weird sense of peace in all the madness. By then, rain nor cold nor car alarms could keep me from marrying my dude...I just pray you don't have any of the same things happen on your big day! ha! Love you! xoxo