Saturday, June 8, 2013

The time I saw a Beatle

May 25 was a great day for many reasons.. 1 our dear friends Katelyn and Chase got married!! Two the Grizz played their first home game against the Spurs in the western conference finals.. sadly we lost. BUT still a very big moment for Memphis basketball. AND Three.. my sweet friend Andrea invited Zachary and I to go see Sir Paul McCartney in concert at the FedEx Forum. 
May 26 was a great day. Zachary, Andrea, Amy and I go to see Sir Paul McCartney live in concert. Our seats were in a lower level suite. This was Zack's first time to sit in a box and I would say it was QUITE an experience.

PAUL WAS AMAZING. He played 40 songs for 3 straight hours without stopping. The man is in his 70's and can still rock and roll like a champ and is still the definition of cool. Such an incredible experience that we will never forget.

Thank you Andrea for inviting us to this awesome night. I had a blast dancing the night away with you two.

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